Monday, March 16, 2009

We Love Spring Weather !
This weekend was so beautiful out and we took advantage of every moment. We spent Friday night out playing at Conner's house and much of Saturday playing outside with them too! The dogs finally got their long awaited walks...we dusted off the bikes... and played at the park.

Mom, No Referee, Mom, No Referee, Mom, No Referee.....

On Sunday the kids saw the side that mothers often try to hide...the overwhelmed and frustrated mom. They had spent Saturday and Sunday arguing, fighting and disagreeing about almost anything. I broke, raising my voice I told them to sit down facing each other. I made them sit and stare at one another. After about 8 minutes I sat down with them, made them continue to look at each other here are some of my topics I talked to them about:

"Ella, that is the only brother you are going to have"

"Joey, that is the only sister you are going to have"

"You should play like Jake and Clare, they play so nice together"

"I love being good friends with my sisters, you guys should be best friends"

"Joey, tell Ella one thing you love about her" Joey responds by saying "I love that Ella shares candy with me"

"Ella, tell Joey one thing you love about him" Ella responds by saying "I love when Joey plays with me"

We continued this for about 5 minutes. Hugs and kisses and we were all better. Then later that day they were so lovely together and I was sure to capture each moment with a photo.

So Cute..Big brother helps to wash his sisters hair.

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