Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sneak Peak of the Craziness of Thanksgiving
Grandma did a great job preparing an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for 40+ people. Great times with friends and family!

Great Wolf Lodge
This was the best surprise for the kids...we had a great time with family at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mom's Letter To Ella
Ella's preschool does a star of the week program and one part of that is for parents to write a letter to their child. I put Ella's letter within a book on snapfish. I very excited for them to read it tomorrow and for her to see the book. To view the book go to the link below.
Neighborhood Fall Fest Party
This year my neighbor and I decided to do a fall fest party. I made really cute invites and we put them around the neighborhood. We didn't have the greatest turn out but had a lot of fun doing it. We will try it again next year! Best gift bag goodie: whoppie cushion!

Art Prize 2009

Grand Rapids Art Prize 2009
This September Grand Rapids was alive with people coming to see the over 1000 different pieces of art put in the ART Prize competion. Mike and I took the kids and they loved it. I am sure that Ella will one day have her own Art piece in the competition. Here are pics of some of our favorites.

Ella's Halloween Party

Preschool Halloween Party!

Ella and her friends having fun at the Halloween Party!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ella - Star of the Week

This letter (written by a parent) is to be read out loud by the teacher to the class

Ella Schavey

Ella Schavey is our special little girl.
She loves to play dress up and put make-up on.
She even tried cutting her beautiful curls.

Ella Schavey makes our family laugh and smile
She does her best to sing Taylor Swift.
She knows how to get to grandma nauty -pants’ house
…all two hundred and twenty miles.

Ella Schavey we love her so
She is kind and smart
But watch out when she farts!

Ella Schavey does her best in school
She listens to her teachers and plays nice with her friends
She doesn’t get timeouts, because that’s not cool.