Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Funny Joey Videos

The Best of Joey Schavey
There are so many moments that make you laugh as a mother. Here are just a few of those times. Videos below capture Joey saying his Pledge of Allegiance which he learned week one of school. He says it with so much energy and passion that you can't help to laugh. (Don't mind his Spiderman face before he begins) Last night as we took a walk, he stopped mid-step when he saw a neighbors Flag, he put his hand on his heart and recited the pledge.
The other video captures Joey, per his request, watching the movie Grease 2. As he sings along to one of his favorites songs "Cool Rider" mom catches him kicking Bo out of his view of his movie....Gotcha Joey...and my sweet little Ella at the end of the video being her crazy little self :)

Videos of Millennium Park

Millennium Park in June

Sunday, June 17 we took the kids to Millennium Park for a little fun in the water. Joey loved running through the splash was hard to keep up with him. I am not sure he really could see the fun he was having since half the time he had his eyes covered :) Ella did not enjoy the splash pad as much as her brother. At one point she sat on the down boycotting going back in the splash pad. After we went down to the beach where the kids loved playing in the sand and getting swim lessons from dad. The fun ended just as a rainstorm came through.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Family Vacation...Summer 2007

Our weekend started Saturday when we went to the Cote's for a BBQ in Gun Lake. The kids had a blast feeding the neighbors horses and going on a Pontoon boat and going fishing. Joey was excited that he got to touch the fish Chudy caught. The had such an eventful day that they passed out on our way to Three Rivers, MI. We checked into our hotel and went right up to see our dear friend Catherine and of course my first opportunity to meet Kurt. We all headed down to the pool for a quick dip. We enjoyed a late dinner, slept in Sunday morning and enjoyed some continental breakfast. We spent some time at the mall in Portage, and Joey got his haircut. We then drove to Centreville to share in Kyanne and Jonhnny's wedding. The wedding was beautiful just as I would have imagined her wedding to be. We were asked several times if Ella an Joey were twins, that may have something to do with how I dressed them :) That night we drove to Chicago to visit my family. Monday we were finally able to meet Paul, who is as beautiful as ever. The kids enjoyed themselves at Aunt Dede's and Uncle Jason's playing on the swing set and the guys playing ball with their shirts off of course. Monday night we were able to see Jacob and Clare and had lunch with them on Tuesday before we took off for home.

But Mom, we go to public school...

Catholic school children?
My sister Dorie once told me that I dress my children like
Catholic School children. These pictures just may prove her
theory right. I am taking advantage of the time my children
will allow me to pick out their outfits, Joey is almost getting past that stage,
as he likes to pick out his own outfits now, which usually consist of
an oversized hand-me-down Spiderman shirt from his cousin Mason.
The other week Ella cried and said "no dress" to me as I picked out
her outfit. I guess my time is more limited then I thought :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Schavey-Tenney 2nd Annual Sale

Garage Sale Season

As Brandie and I hosted our 2nd Annual Garage Sale the kids enjoyed themselves in the sprinkler Michelle and Avery brought over. The weekend was filled with playing in the sprinker, riding bikes, and playing on the swing set. Lets not forget the beach scene kiss that Brandie and I witnessed between Joey and Alex. I think we may have the same problem with Cal and Ella in a few years :) Joey did much better this year at the garage sale, since last year he greeted everyone with "what are you doing here?" this year he gave much more friendly welcomes to the strangers. Although he still had a hard time seeing these same strangers leave with some of his things. Joey's friend Conner came over for a quick run through in the buds! Ella loved trying on the many pairs of Alex's old shoes and finding as many handbags as she could.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

As usually our dad was working hard on our house. His birthday weekend was consumed with house projects with help from Grampa! The family went out to dinner at Macaroni Grill for daddy and Uncle Todd's Birthday. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a great dinner.