Friday, February 27, 2009

7 Years and Still Going

I want to wish my wife a VERY Happy Anniversary!
I can remember our wedding day as if it were yesterday.....ah, this sounds like a great time to reminisce into a video montage.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The foot injury

Griff's Poor Paw
Today the dogs were playing outside...until we noticed the white snow had looked like a small deer was killed in the backyard :) Griff had cut his foot, still not sure on what, and it was seeping out blood. Mike, the Dave Ramsey of the family looked right at him and said "man that is going to cost a couple hundred". Thank god for Chudy...we called him and Mike took Griff over to get his paw bandaged up. Tomorrow morning we will drop him off at Ceder Animal Hospital and Chudy will put a bunch of stitches in the pad of his foot.

Before we could get a hold of Chudy we used socks to keep from getting blood all over the house...didn't work too well since, as you can see, there was so much blood it went right through several socks.
Wish him luck tomorrow.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ella donates to Locks of Love

Ella donates to

Locks of Love

Today was the big day! A day we have waited 4 years for....Ella's first haircut. Thanks to Aunt Kimmy we found a great place at Phillip Michael's Salon where Kimmy gets her hair done. Since Kimmy has curly hair it made me feel comfortable to go to her hairstylist, Sam.

So the mesuring tape came out, the braid was made,

ten inches messured & SNIP!

So after a cute new hair cut we were off to the store as promised for her new barretts. To no surpise, Ella talked me into not just new clips but a whole kit of hair accessories. Glad to see that a new hair cut doesn't keep her from her old we only ended up with 10 barretts in her hair :)

Ella was great..I think a little nervous and unsure of what was really happening but a much better experience then her first trip to the dentist :)

Joey also got a new fresh haircut at Sports Clips!

Griffins Game with Baby Jack

Griffins Game with Baby Jack
Last night we enjoyed a Hockey game with our cousin Jack! We all had lots of fun. Before the game Joey, Ella, Mom and Dad enjoyed pizza at Big O's downtown...mmm mmm good. We left a little early as Ella fever started spiking again. Gotta love the cold season.

Good time with friends

Fun with Friends in Febuary
We had a lot of fun last weekend with our friends Alex, Cal and Avery. We enjoyed our Sunday afternoon at the Children's Museum. After that I took Joey and Ella to Wendy's (thanks to papa's gift card) to experience the wonders of the Biggie Fry dipped in Frosty.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mentor apreciation day

Mentor Appreciation Day Article

Looks like Mike is famous. Fox news did a article on the event and captured Mike painting his book. We are trying to get a copy of the story they did on the news since Mike and Ella were on the video.

Check the article out:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making Valentine's

Making our Valentine's

Today we had lots of fun...Joey's friends Tyler and Alexander came over to make valentine's. A couple weeks ago I had Joey and Ella look through the Family Fun magazine to see what Valentines they wanted to make. Last night Ella and I went shopping for all the supplies. Ella really wanted to make the bracelets of we got the pink leopard print for girls and the brown leopard print for boys. Joey really like the I Pod valentine's. We also picked out a few other different designs of valentine's to make. We had lots of fun putting them together.

Art Museum

Art Museum

Yesterday we went to a GR Mentoring program, outdoor skating at Rosa Parks Circle was cancelled due to the nice weather but we did get to enjoy lunch at the BOB and then admission into the GR Art Museum. The kids really had a great time in the educational center. We got to make our own little books with paints and colored pencils. Ella had a great time getting into the paint and was sure to make an inprint of her whole hand on her book. Joey worked very hard on his book and even created a second book titled "My mom is fun to play with. I love my mom"

We then walked around the museum looking at the different art pieces and even got a chance to sit and scetch.

Having fun with Griff

Here is a picture of Griff being a good sport while Joey has him try on his Harry Potter glasses.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life with 2 dogs, Bo and Griff

Bo and Griff
Bo and Griff are best of friends, lovers at times, and partners in crime. With Giff barking and Bo howling..the Schavey house is loud and active! This is a great example of how one gets the other started. Joey and Ella do their part to keep it going too!

January 2009-Bowling with our friends

Bowling with our Friends Jenna & Andrew

Last weekend we met the Kroft family out for lunch at McDonalds and a game of bowling. Joey and Ella had lots of fun with Jenna and Andrew. We love hanging out with the Kroft family. Everyone did a great job bowling.

Andrew excited for the next chance to bowl
Jenna celebrates her great bowling
Ella's really got the hang of it
Joey aka. Harry Potter throws that ball
What a great group of friends.. After bowling we came home and made cookies...

But we think the thermostat is off on the they didn't turn out...

January 2009

Schavey Fashion 101

Ella believes that real fashion equals "the MORE the better", whether that is clothing, bags, make-up or accessories. Every time we get ready to go somewhere Ella collects things, like her stuffed animals and other little toys. She then finds a bag to stuff them in or attempts to carry everything in her arms...she usually doesn't make it too far to the door before she starts dropping things :) Hmmm.....I wonder where she gets it from:)

Joey believes that real fashion equals "one good accessory". In the picture below it is an example of how a good pair of glasses can make a whole outfit! (note: no lenses as he has fine eyesight) Other days it might be a cape, a robe or some sort of wrap around his wrist, or one of mom's shirts.

They both have their own uniqe personalities that they express well through their own sense of fashion!