Sunday, February 22, 2009

The foot injury

Griff's Poor Paw
Today the dogs were playing outside...until we noticed the white snow had looked like a small deer was killed in the backyard :) Griff had cut his foot, still not sure on what, and it was seeping out blood. Mike, the Dave Ramsey of the family looked right at him and said "man that is going to cost a couple hundred". Thank god for Chudy...we called him and Mike took Griff over to get his paw bandaged up. Tomorrow morning we will drop him off at Ceder Animal Hospital and Chudy will put a bunch of stitches in the pad of his foot.

Before we could get a hold of Chudy we used socks to keep from getting blood all over the house...didn't work too well since, as you can see, there was so much blood it went right through several socks.
Wish him luck tomorrow.

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