Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tenting IT
We were excited to have our friends Alex and Cal over for a sleep over. The kids decided that we should put the tent in the backyard. So the tent went up, then went down when Mike was fixing how I put the tent together. The Schavey kids were asleep first and then Cal missed his mom so the sleepover ended. When Joey and Ella woke up in the morning, we got out of the tent and made a pancake breakfast.

Family Reunion in TC

Gotta love the view in TC!

Ella was the dog walker the whole 6hours we were there.
Here she is cuddling with one.

Baby Jack looking stylish.

Ella the Dog Walker

Baseball Game

Clare Bear

Clare Bear
We love Clare and this is one of my favorite videos of her from 4th of July. Clare has such an amazing personality. Ella and Clare are like 2 peas in a pod...getting into a lot of trouble together. Notice the flare added to Clare's outfit.

What a Jumper

Fun at Cherry Festival

In July we went to Traverse City to hang out with Grandma and Papa. The kids had a blast at Cherry Festival...walking in the parade with the GVSU Alumni Association. Here is Ella enjoying herself on one of the rides (the only ride she took part in...I was so proud of her).