Sunday, June 28, 2009

American Idol

This is the best of the Joey performance the other night. I am not sure where he gets this stuff. I wish they had an American Idol for youths. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kat and Kondo's wedding

Everytime I see these I love them! Here are some of the pictures from Kat and Kondo's wedding.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Fun

Grand Haven Beach
We spent Father's Day having a lot of fun in Grand Haven.
Joeyand Ella playing together at the beach
We had lots of fun digging wholes in the sand...Joey got to stand in one.
We even got dinner and ice-cream!
I tried to get creative with pictures....
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Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!
This morning Joey, Ella and I made daddy breakfast and then time for gifts. Joey made daddy a special book. We then gave him a series of new shirts for work but the best was the last shirts we gave him, especially made by Joey and Ella. It's not the outfit that makes the's the man that makes the outfit! We love you daddy!
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Saturday, June 20, 2009


More fun pics from the Whitecaps!

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Last weekend we tookt the kids to the Whitecaps game for the GRCC Enrichment Team outing. Flannery got to go with us and join us for sleep over that night.

Ella, Flannery, and Joey
Joey enjoying a Hotdog at the ballpark!
Ella and Flannery
Ella and Daddy
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Guitar Hero Jam Session
We went to Jaime and Brandie's last night for a BBQ...but due to rain the BBQ turned into game night. Here is the kids having fun at the Guitar Hero Jam Session.

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Happy Father's Day!

Hamburgers & Fries for the dads
I saw these on my favorite blog and just had to make them. I thought it would make too many just for our family to eat so I made them up for the BBQ last night at Brandie's to say Happy Father's Day to all the dads. Ella enjoyed helping me put these together and they turned out perfect (although my red "ketchup" could have been more red). Mike said they were special because I didn't just make them for him....maybe they weren't special but they sure were tasty!
Happy Father's Day!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Little Gymnist

My Little Gymnast
Ella stared Gymnastics a couple weeks ago...she truly makes the cutiest gymnast. She is proving to be a good little one too! Video to come later.

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GR Art Festival

Fun at the Festival of Arts
This was a couple weeks ago at the GR Festival of Arts. Anut September joined us which Joey and Ella loved.

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Graduation Day

Look at the Graduation Hats we made. Although school did not do a graduation for Kindergarten I decided I would do one at our house. Conner and his family came over for a BBQ on the last day of school and we had lots of fun making these graduation hats.

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Our Big 1st Grader

Here is Joey on his last day of this is going way too fast! This really was a great year.
Joey is becoming such a little man

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Last Day of School

Last Day of School
We got a great idea from our family fun magazine so the night before Joey's last day of Kindergarten we let the kids decorate the van for the big celebration of the last day of school.

1st Grade or Bust!
First Grade Here We Come!

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Keep in touch

Joey was pretty sad towards the end of the school year because some of his friends from K+ will be at different elementary schools next year so he won't see them so we decided to make these post cards to give to his friends.

Joey did a great job posing for the photo...he is my little actor :) On the back we wrote a note to keep in touch with our phone number!

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