Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Merry Merry Christmas
As you can tell by the pictures, this was a great xmas. We had a great xmas eve with grandma, papa, uncle marc, uncle todd, aunt kristen and jack. These kids didn't go without....

Ella xmas morning...and all her gifts

Joey and all his gifts xmas morning

Ella in her new chair with her pillow pet

ella's gifts

what a backpack and hat

one happy girl

lotta love this morning

Joey and Ella- xmass 2010
That is a tree full
Fun with the marshmallow shooter

lovin' her new bag

A bag full of gifts from gma and papa

Joey and Jack
The cousins...just missing Austin

Family Photo 2010
A note for Santa the night before doesn't help the elf
xmas eve

Helping papa fix the door
Papa's little apprentices
Lovin' her grandma

Halloween 2010
We had a darthvador and a princess this year! We had a great time at the Halloween school parties and enjoyed having Kat and Kondo over for dinner.
Happy Halloween

Joey's 1st grade class

Fun with Kat and Kondo

One happy Darthvador Ella with Taylin

The Schavey pumpkins