Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ella donates to Locks of Love

Ella donates to

Locks of Love

Today was the big day! A day we have waited 4 years for....Ella's first haircut. Thanks to Aunt Kimmy we found a great place at Phillip Michael's Salon where Kimmy gets her hair done. Since Kimmy has curly hair it made me feel comfortable to go to her hairstylist, Sam.

So the mesuring tape came out, the braid was made,

ten inches messured & SNIP!

So after a cute new hair cut we were off to the store as promised for her new barretts. To no surpise, Ella talked me into not just new clips but a whole kit of hair accessories. Glad to see that a new hair cut doesn't keep her from her old we only ended up with 10 barretts in her hair :)

Ella was great..I think a little nervous and unsure of what was really happening but a much better experience then her first trip to the dentist :)

Joey also got a new fresh haircut at Sports Clips!


CMB said...

What a great experience for Ella to have! This is something she will remember forever.

You guys are great!

MLDB said...

I love her barrettes...there is no such thing as too much bling..especially when it comes to hair!