Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Funny Joey Videos

The Best of Joey Schavey
There are so many moments that make you laugh as a mother. Here are just a few of those times. Videos below capture Joey saying his Pledge of Allegiance which he learned week one of school. He says it with so much energy and passion that you can't help to laugh. (Don't mind his Spiderman face before he begins) Last night as we took a walk, he stopped mid-step when he saw a neighbors Flag, he put his hand on his heart and recited the pledge.
The other video captures Joey, per his request, watching the movie Grease 2. As he sings along to one of his favorites songs "Cool Rider" mom catches him kicking Bo out of his view of his movie....Gotcha Joey...and my sweet little Ella at the end of the video being her crazy little self :)

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Tizzolicious said...

Joey, Joey, Joey. I'm so proud to see that you inherited that endearing trait - nude oration - "Public speaking while naked". Put some clothes on, boy!