Monday, March 2, 2009

Dad Home With the Kids - 2007

Joey and Ella
Friday July 13, 2007

This week your mom is away at a conference in Boston, which leaves you in my care…ha, ha, ha. Apparently, she has had a good time in Boston, but her flight getting there was extremely frustrating (hoping to get more details). Here is a little snit bit of the how we spent our time together:

I had a doctor’s appointment in the early morning so I let you sleep in a little longer prior to dropping you off at school. Ella was very clingy and cried when I left (which is something you don’t normally do). Prior to picking you up from school I stopped at the store and purchased all the food needed to make my special gulosh. While making dinner you both played in the backyard. Then, Joey came running onto the deck screaming and crying because he had just been stung by a bee (yellow jacket). I put my special medicine on it (baking soda and water) and iced it down. Within a few minutes you calmed down and showed me where you had gotten stung. Apparently, the last few days had been very windy and the wind blew the umbrella off from your picnic table. While in the process of you putting the umbrella back on, you disturbed a bee’s nest that was inside the legs of the picnic table. I got my can of bee destroying/life ending spray and killed over twenty bee’s. We ate dinner and quickly got ready to go for a bike ride. We went and got ice cream (raspberry/vanilla and strawberry/vanilla swirl) and went to the park. On our way home I had a hard time getting Ella back into the cart because she wanted to walk (which would have been a long walk from the park). We got home, watched a movie (The Polar Express) and went to bed (both were asleep in minutes).

We all got ready for the day (ate vitamins, banana, feed Bo, turned on the water for the grass). As we drove to school we listened to “Cool Rider.” I made it to work on time (surprisingly). I had a physical therapy appointment today and went home early (4pm). I mowed the yard and picked you up. We came home and had leftovers and again got ready for a bike ride. Prior to getting in the bike cart, Ella had a horrific tantrum and was put in time out. She had a McDonalds toy that she received on Tuesday night which included some hair clips. When I took you out of your chair after dinner, you had left the toys on the table and began to reach for them. You knew that we were going for a bike ride and did not want to leave without them. Instead of saying, “My toys!” you began to wine and cry. I knew what you wanted, but wanted you to learn how to calm down and ask for your toys….but you didn’t and began to cry hardy and swat your leg…I then put you in time out….which then made you cry more because you were afraid that we would leave you and go for a bike ride. You finally calmed down and I got you both in the cart. We got ice cream (Cookie Do Monster Sundae) and went to the park. While at the park Joey hung from the bars and then Ella wanted a turn. Joey said that she was not big enough and then Joey got another turn. He began to kick his legs and swing back and forth. I thought to myself, “He better be careful that he doesn’t lose his grip and fall.” Seconds later he did just that and landed on his belly. He cried for a few moments and then realized that he could go over to the water fountain and wash his hands and get a drink. On the way home from the park we sang “Akunamatta”. We took baths to which I discovered when undressing Ella that I had put her dress on backwards. We had fun in the bath and then went right to bed and again fell right to sleep.

We played baseball and watched “The Polar Express” again. Not much to say, but that we hung out.

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