Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Painting Party-Ella's 4th B-day Party

Ella's 4th Birthday Party
The Painting Party!

Saturday, March 7th @ 2pm

Another successfully party pulled off!

Planning for my EXTREME themed party began about 2 months ago..invites went out "on time" (1 month prior) and party-gift shopping and menu planning soon followed. When you plan for a party of 18 kids and about 35-40 adults it takes a little creative planning if you want to stick to a budget.

Party Planning 101

Theme: Painting (because Ella is my crafty one)
Invites: Cards made at Meijer- 5 pictures on an easel of Ella getting "crafty"
Party Activities: Paint Smocks-(actually aprons but for the sake of the theme we will call them paint smocks- found at the dollar store)

  • Activity #1 - Decorating Canvas Bags - (found at Big Lots 3 for $3) I picked up fabric markers and puffy paint at Hobby Lobby
  • Activity #2 - Paint your own canvas - (found at Big Lots $2) Paints, brushes, and jem stickers bought on sale at Michael's.


Paint Brushes: Pretzel rods w/colored chocolate on tips w/sprinkles
Paint Rolling Pan: Variety of fruit layered (side-by-side) and a roller laying on it
Paints- Layard Jello Salad
Paint Can- filled a paint can w/chex mix


Thanks to help from Trista, (September's sister), I had a few ideas in how to prepare the cake. I had Ella look at them all and choose the one she liked best. Although I would have chosen a different one I went with the one she really wanted, after all it is her party :) Ella picked out one cake mix and Joey picked out the other...I made a cake for the adults and cupcakes for the kids.

Happy Birthday Ella! You can see the Ella is my shy one!


No party can be successful without the right help!

Big thanks to Mike's mom for helping to provide some of the food, my mom and sister Dorie for coming up early to help with any last minute preparation, to my friend September for coming to help with the painting activities, and thanks to Dana for helping to get those activities going.

  • My friend September (below) was great with the kids and so helpful to have, she left the party saying she was going to watch TV on mute that night :) Thanks again for your help!


Our little Miss Flannery...did not want to finish painting...this girl needs her own TV show!

Now that is a good cupcake!

Ella at her best

Beautiful Laney!

Ella being silly...

Notice that Ella had to change into her bathing suit for gift time...oh, that girl.....Gift time got a bit crazy...I need a bigger house :)

A Big Thank You!

The next day we continued our creative side and made this picture as our Thank You card...they will be sent out tomorrow! Wow and that is how a party is done!

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