Sunday, November 30, 2008

Xmas tree 2008

X-mas Tree 2008

This year we didn't get our tree from Post Family Farms...we heard about a place to cut down your own tree for only $15...well we should of known that sounded too good to be true. We took the wagon ride out to the field to discover trees ranged from $40-$70 :O We searched for the right tree...Joey found a very large one and Ella found a baby tree she wanted...We came to an agreement on a mid-size tree. Joey and Ella helped Daddy cut the tree down. We took it back on the wagon ride and they shook it off and wrapped it up for us. We spent some time inside having hot chocolate and sitting on Santa's lap. The ride home Joey and Ella took a quick nap and when we got home we put up our tree and unpacked all our decorations. We didn't have enough time to get all the ornaments up so we will finish that today.

Oh Yeh, we did find the $15 tree they we about Joey's hight and in a stand...I made Mike take a picture by his $15 tree :)

Seeking out the Schavey Tree

Cutting down the tree

Shaking off the tree

Joey tells Santa what he wants

Ella tells Santa what she wants

Hot chocolate time

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