Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wish list for Santa 2008

Dear Santa,

This weekend our mom and dad took us the stores and let us take pictures of what we wanted on our Christmas wish list. We had lots of fun. These are some of the cool things we picked out. We even helped mom make this cool slide show and picked out the trumpet music. We look forward to your visit next month.

Joey and Ella


Sue Z. Cue said...

What a great idea! We might have to borrow that one! I am Jan's daughter, Sue (your cousin). I am stalking your blog...and I LOVE it! I hope you don't mind! Happy Thanksgiving.

Jeremy, Trista, and the girls said...

Such a cute idea! I'll have to remember that when the kiddies get a little older. Love it!

Jeremy, Trista, and the girls said...

Great idea! I will have to remember this for when the girls get older. Love it!