Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Joey's Preschool Conference

The Preschool Conference Results

While dad was home with Joey who had pink eye, I went to Joey's preschool conference. When I first sat down in the minutre chair, Miss Burgess and Miss VanTimmeran first said with a bit of humor...Joey...what do we say about our Mr. Joey. Joey is full of energy and is very independent (that a bit of his mother in him). Joey scored well in all of the areas they are looking at for his level, although they did point out his emerging skills in learning to share:) I think Ella could attest to that as well.

Notice his drawings: The first is a drawing he was asked to draw a family portrait. If you notice Joey is the biggest, Ella is a bunch of scribbles, dad has a small body and big lips, Bo looks a little like a mouse and mom was drawn on the back of the page. I am not sure if he forgot to draw me and they had to ask "where's mom?" and so he drew me on the back or if I was so special that he just wanted me to have my own special page :) I will go with the latter :) He recognized all of his letters! We will need to work on the drawing of triangles a bit :) In September Joey was asked to draw a picture of himself and then again asked to draw one in January...you can see his drawing is getting a little more detailed (pay attention to the earlobes he drew on the most recent picture of himself.)

They feel Joey is definately ready for kindergarden and would not recommend pre-K which was a decision Mike and I were discsussing the best option for him. It was good to hear they feel Kindergarden too!

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