Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

This is for Mike who has made it a great 6 years! Thanks for all you do for Me, Joey and Ella. We love you.


Anonymous said...

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schaveyt said...

Happy Anniversary you two! XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

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schaveym said...

Wow what an amazing 6 years! Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way:

1.How to use student loans to pay for a lasting memory of being married in Italy,

2. Always do your best to accommodate her wishes (Dodge Caravan),

3. Enjoying our beautiful children, (even the many spills)

4. Life is full of mistakes and set-backs, but it’s being mindful of what you have and knowing what is in your reach (future) the helps you through it,

5. Life without you would be devastating,

6. Life without a remote control would be devastating ……kidding :D

7. Knowing when to apologize,

8. It’s okay to sleep when your husband is driving,

9. We need to get a wider couch,

10. Joint bank accounts are a great idea.