Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Favorite Quotes/Stories of the Month

Favorite Quotes/Stories of the Month
When Joey asked if Payton, Aunt Dorie's dog was coming to visit with Aunt Dorie, Jacob and Clare I told him no because Payton is scared of Bo and so he can't come. The night before Dorie was coming up I kissed Joey goodnight and reminded him that his cousins would be here tomorrow....Joey then asked "Mom, can we get a babysitter for Bo, so Payton can come over and play with Griff?"
Last night as I kissed Joey goodnight, he said "Mom, I save all you kisses in my heart"
Last night Ella was playing with a play cell phone when I told her it was time for bed, she looked at me, closed the cell phone and with a little attitude said "Mom, I'm doing my phonework" I think she got this because we talk a lot about homework.

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the purple guitar said...

these are too cute.. really!!

gr8 kids..n gr8 mum..!!