Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Day of School- September 2008

First Day of School

This year is so exciting for the Schavey family. Joey started Kindergarten and Ella starts preschool. The weekend before we went school shopping to get some new clothes and our bookbags.

When I thought of Joey's first day of school picture I pictured my little boy in khaki shorts with a button down shirt...that morning I picked out the outfit that I had invisioned, but one problem, I forgot how opinionated my children are....Joey had another thought so the white t-shirt with basketball shorts and flip flops is was my reality was :0 Joey saw a cartoon and decided he wanted to walk to school so mom and dad walked him to school on his first day. Before the end of our yard, he asked dad to hold his lunch box and by the next street he asked mom to hold his bookbag. On our way he sang "Who's that guy"from Greese 2..only my child...We arrived just as the bell was my surprise they don't let parents in so when we got there he got right in the line and they stooped parents at the door and with that my son was a Kindergartner.

Ella's outfit was very unique...her Schavey theory of style does not include matching and the signature style of socks pulled up to her knees... Ella was not happy that I wanted a, sorry no smile from her.

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