Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 2008

June 2008

June has gone by so fast, we began the month by celebrating dad's birthday, and this month Joey enjoyed himself at his Civic Theatre summer camp, this past weekend we went to Chicago for papa's surprise 60th! Overall June has been great.

Ella's month in a nutshell: she has moved up to the Big kids room at school. This has been a great transition for her, although she has had some moments of being a little defiant to her teachers. She is still not going to bed when she is suppose to...usually comes out of her room about 20 times for; my stomach hurts, my eye hurts, I need to give you a hug, I forgot to give Griff a hug, I'm thirsty, and much more. She is still into her purses and filling them with as much little stuff as she can find: marbles, chap stick and more. Last night she said "Joey is my best friend in the whole world, he's my brother". That made me smile...I will have to remind her when they are at each other's throats next :)

Joey's month is a nutshell: Joey has started summer camp, with K-2nd is he learning some to talk back is the latest. He will say it softly and when I say "what did you say" he tells me he was telling himself it. Favorite quote "I know that already". Joey had a fun week at the Civic Theatre camp and loved coming to my work in the morning before his camp. I think he has a little crush on September in my office. He practiced really hard so enjoy his performance.

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