Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Addition to the Schavey Family

New Addition to the Schavey Family

For the last two years I have been making hints to Mike that Bo needs a friend. I was thinking more like a 2yr old puppy that had already been house broken, but Mike had another thought. As always Mike took time looking up and researching what is out there. He found 7 week old puppies whom were in desperate need of a home (very unhealthy environment). The mother of the puppies was a golden retriever and collie mix and the father was a Saint Bernard. He even explored acquiring a Mastif. :D

We initially inquired about the puppies on Monday and made an appointment for the upcoming Saturday, but upon noticing that the on-line posting was pulled down from the web site, we were immediately concerned that our puppies were gonna get all snaged up before Sat. When we called on Wed there were only 5 left..... So, Thursday morning we called and made desperate arrangements to see the puppies that night (about an 1.5 hrs away). Mike left a meeting early to go home, make sandwiches for dinner, pick up Bo and then the kids from daycare. Then, they all picked me up at work to then drive to Rockford (somewhat on the way to the puppies) to purchase a used dog crate from a very well off family (there home was for sale and asking $640,000) :D

We then continued our adventure to Stanton, MI (another 45 minute travel). There were 3 males to choose from :) There was one that was brown with a black face, but we choose the chunkiest one that has markings like Bo. We tore the frightened little puppy from his family and introduced him to his new friend Bo. The car ride home was a little long, puppy was a little nervous and peed a lot :) We discussed names and Joey wanted to go with his newest passion Harry Potter (possibly name choices: Hagred, Buckbeak, Grifendorf, Darbi) Joey was very certain he wanted Hagred but Ella was instant we name the puppy Leo. Other name ideas were: Harrison, Noble, Nanna, Ziles, Zurich, Augustus, Buck)

We got home around 9pm, introduced him to some neighbors out and about and went inside for pj time. We had a little moment of terror when mom let Joey hold the puppy (Hagred) on his bed, I left to go get Joey's medicine and well puppy(Hagred) fell off Joey's bed.

My first night with the puppy brought back memories of when the kids were babies...I woke up at 2am and 5am to let him out and check to make sure he was alright. This morning Joey decided he may want it name Grifendorf or Buckbeak.....we will hopefully come to a conclusion soon.

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