Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ella's first makeup experience


Our little girl has become creative when it comes to her beauty secrets...while playing in the van Ella found mom's makeup bag...has she watched me too many times? her, is that what I look like in makeup? Visit the Schavey webpage for a cute video:

It's the little moments like this that keep life from getting to serious.

America's Funniest Home Videos Submission:

Ella Schavey – 2 yrs old
Joey Schavey – 3.5 yrs old

Ella and Joey have been playing in mommy’s minivan for the last ten minutes, while mommy and daddy are working diligently inside the house. Mommy asks, “Where’s Ella and Joey?” Daddy quickly replied, “In the car.” (Even though the car is not the best place for children to play……at least they’re not playing with guns.) Mommy peaks out the door to see if they’ve completely destroyed the van….and to her surprise she finds her daughter attempting to make herself pretty by putting on mommy’s make-up.

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